Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Family

When we first built our house in the corner of the horse pasture we put up bird boxes and soon had families of Bluebirds nesting in them. The open pasture was a favorite hunting grounds for them as they collected insects for their young. As the years went by and we planted more and more shrubs, bushes, and trees to attract more and different birds we slowly lost our Bluebirds to the more aggressive House Wrens who thought nothing of destroying the Bluebirds nests and hatchlings. So you can imagine our surprise and delight when a pair of Bluebirds took up residence in an old maple snag just feet from our front door. These pictures were taken last evening as the mother fed her just hatched young.


ARCEVISI said...


watch me

BlacknTan said...

Love those Bluebirds, Rick..
It's the state bird in New York, and thanks to alot of folks with nesting boxes, they're making a comeback..

Good stuff!