Monday, May 1, 2017

Apples, Cochins, and Chickadees

I finished potting or planting all my grafts in the garden. If my records are correct I have 131 apple grafts and 5 pear grafts. With 63 different varieties I grafted at least two of each variety in hopes of having at least one successful graft.

The apples are growing on many of my trees, regretfully I'll have to pull them off because most of my trees are still too young to bear fruit. I run the chance of stunting the tree by letting it bear fruit to young.

My flock of Cochin bantams is growing with chicks hatching nearly every week.
I've been busy building several "summer coops" to house the chicks after they get big enough to leave the brooder. As fall approaches I'll decide which birds I'll keep over winter to breed with next spring and which ones to sell.

This chickadee has claimed one of my bird boxes and wasn't about to be chased away by me and my camera.

The beginning of the next generation.

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