Thursday, March 30, 2017

Woodcock on the Stripmines

Yesterday was Emma's turn to seek out some woodcock so we headed north to try a new covert.  We first stopped at a classic looking aspen covert that I've been hunting for years. As beautiful as it looks it never produces the birds that I think it should and today was empty except for some splash.

We moved on to a reclaimed strip mine that I had explored in deer season.  I really don't know what draws the woodcock to this type of terrain but I've been hunting more and more of these strip mines with good results and today was no different. They must be using the pines for a resting spot because the ground is very rocky and I can't imagine they can find any worms here.

There are "islands" of cover that you have to seek out, but the birds were there.

Emma put on her usual fine performance with 4 nice points and I saw several birds flush ahead of her as she entered the cover. Overall it was a wonderful day with a new covert to hunt next fall.

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