Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Orchard Chores

Now that the hunting season is just a memory I've started pruning my apple trees and cutting scion wood for grafting later this spring. Since the majority of my apple trees are just 2 years old the pruning is pretty simply. Selecting limbs with good wide crotch angles and removing the ones with poor angles.

I took advantage of a warm sunny day and cut some scion wood, the growth from last year that is best to graft with. It's essential to mark your scion as soon as you cut it to keep from mislabeling it.
I swap scion with other grafting "addicts" via the internet to get varieties that I want to try. There are also several orchards scattered across the country that sell scion wood.
As I wrap up my pruning and scion cutting my thoughts drift to the woodcock who will passing through in several weeks. Hopefully I'll have pics of Emma and Thicket enjoying the aroma of the little russeted gypsies as they filter through my coverts.

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