Sunday, February 21, 2016

More Pruning Pics

We have a Pound apple tree in the yard that produces a large green apple, not an "eater", more of a cooking apple. Most years the apples rot under the tree so this year I've decided to take some "radical" action. I've cut off most of the big limbs which will promote "water spouts" to grow this summer. Next spring I'll select the spouts that are growing in a suitable direction and graft some variety of fresh eating apple on to them. Although it looks sever apples are very resilient and I have no doubt that this tree will produce the growth I need to graft to next spring.
This is an Westfield-Seek-No-Further apple tree that I planted in the late 80's. I neglected pruning it for too many years. I bought a Silky pole saw last spring and have been slowly thinning branches that are crossing other branches or growing inward. The Silky saw has been one of the best "investments" I've made for the orchards.


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