Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Walking in GBE's Footsteps

I hunted the Canaan Valley yesterday with a friend Eric Rinehart. The Valley had been made famous by the writings of George Bird Evans. The years haven't been kind to the valley with development in the form of summer homes and a ski & golf resort taking much of the cover.  The woodcock, which the valley was so famous for, were absent yesterday but we managed to move a few grouse, none of which were harmed.

Eric's setter Cider moving through the cover.
Thicket had her 1st solid point on a grouse who flushed low and away not offering me a chance for a shot. Later I had a shot at a grouse that Thicket and Cider had pinned between them. I saw the bird on the ground as I walked in and when it flushed promptly missed it with my right barrel before it vanished into the cover.
Even though no birds were taken it was still a wonderful day with nice weather, good dog work, and a friend to share it with.

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Ed said...

I would like to do that some day Rick...I like the stories of the past and like to walk them foot steps nice pictures...