Friday, October 30, 2015

Shooting Slump

My shooting has been mediocre this year and yesterday it took another dive. Emma and I headed north to hunt a new covert. A clearcut ridge that was growing back nicely with an immense variety of trees and shrubs it held a nice number of woodcock for us to enjoy. We moved 9 woodcock in about an hour and a half with Emma having 7 wonderful points. I had shooting at 5 of the birds but could only drop 1. I was shooting my newest acquisition the Jones Underlever mystery gun. With no proof markings on the barrel flats, only the Sauer & Sohn stamp (a German gunmaker) on the barrels gives me some idea as to it's origin. It has a 3 inch drop at the heel which could have been part of my problem yesterday, although I've shot clay birds fairly well with this gun.

Some pics of the cover. This should have held some grouse besides the woodcock but as with most of my southcentral Pa coverts the grouse are mostly nonexistent with only a few wild flushes so far this season.

Emma is never happy about having her picture taken, but she's the reason the day was a memorable one.

The Tek 1.0 tracking collar continues to show me just how bad my hearing is. On several points I was sure Emma was in one direction while the Tek should me that she was if fact in just the opposite direction.  It's no fun getting old :(.

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