Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

The wife and I took a ride up into northern Huntingdon County  to visit the Shaver's Creek Environmental Center. It features educational programs, a raptor center with hawks, owls, and other raptors that are injured in some way and not able to be released into the wild, and a collection of reptiles and amphibians to view. Here are some pics of the raptors they have. Forgot to get any pics of the nice rattlesnake & copperhead that was also there.

                                                 A Great Horned Owl
                                                               A pair of Barn Owls

                                                          A trio of Barred Owls

                                                                       A Black Vulture

                                                                  A Peregrine Falcon
A Bald Eagle

                  A very interesting place tucked away in the Stone Valley region of Huntingdon County.

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