Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Harvesting a Few Apples

I picked some Pitmaston Pineapple apples last week. They are a small English heirloom apple with a sweet tangy flavor. I had planted this tree in 1993 and some years ago (I don't really remember when) it had blown over but still had enough roots underground to keep growing. Growing in a neglected corner I had ignored it for too many years so last winter I did some heavy pruning and was rewarded with a nice crop of apples this summer.

This morning I checked on my Wealthy apple tree. I had looked at it several days ago and this morning I found the 3 apples it was carrying laying on the ground. No wildlife had found them yet so I immediately ate one. Although not as crisp as I like my apples it had a good taste, a mixture of sweet and tart and I enjoyed it.


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