Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Mornings Walk

Just some pics from a mornings walk around the Back40.

A Tree Swallow on her nest. Wasps had built a nest on the inside of the roof, as I tried to destroy them one fell into the nest. Hopefully it will crawl up the box to the roof again and I'll dispose of it next time I check this box.
As I walked through some tall grass a small sparrow flew out at my feet. With a little searching I found this. I tied a piece of orange ribbon to a stick nearby so I could find the nest again and watch the eggs hatch and the chicks grow.
Some pears on a Staceyville pear tree. A bear had pushed this tree over a number of years ago but enough roots remained in the ground to keep the tree alive and it has started to produce pears for me.
My Ashmead Kernel apple tree has a nice set of fruit on it this year. In an attempt to keep insects at bag I have enclosed some of the apples in plastic ziplock bags. I've read about this technique so thought I'd try it.
The vernal pond is full of tadpoles probably Wood Frogs although I also had Spotted Salamander egg masses in spring.
The Bluebird nestlings have fledged. Here's a pic of them a few days before they left the nest.
And it won't be long before the Chickadees are big enough to fledge too.
I hope you enjoyed this walk around the Back40.

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