Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Look Inside My Boxes

The Chickadees in the White Birch Box are just about ready to take flight. Looks to be 7 healthy birds, but there is one runt on the right side of the pic that probably won't make it out of the box. Mother Nature isn't warm and fuzzy in  real life.
Here's some "just out of the egg" Tree Swallows.
At the next box the mother Tree Swallow was waiting for me.
Inside she had 6 eggs.

The Vernal Pond Chickadee box holds some nestlings. I can't really tell how many. The chicks have somehow worked their way down to the bottom of the box and have no nesting material beneath them. Only time will tell if this is a fatal mistake.
This last pic is from a box in the Home Orchard. Most of my boxes are top opening, this one is a front opening box. The top openers are harder to clean but easier to take pics of the inside. The front and side openers are easy to clean up harder to get a good pic of what's inside. This is a Bluebird hen on a nest.

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