Thursday, February 5, 2015

Look Out Mother Nature

I've been looking for a small dozer for the past year to combat the multiflora rose, barberry and greenbrier that are trying to take over my Back 40. I've looked at a couple dozers that had been "rode hard and put away wet" and then just the other day this little beauty fell into my lap.

It's a John Deere 1010, the smallest dozer JD made between 1960-1965. She's been shed kept all her life and has had a new undercarriage, carburetor, radiator, and hoses installed and had the lift cylinders rebuilt. Since I know nothing about dozers I had my wife's nephew, who has an excavating business look her over and pronounced her it very good condition. With her I'll be able create more room for my heirloom apple trees.
All I have to do now is learn how to drive her :).


CrazyED said...

Sweet! That looks like a fun toy!

Greyphase said...

Hey Matt

Gota make room for more apple trees somehow :).