Friday, February 20, 2015

Just a Little Walk with Thicket

The weather warmer up to 20 couple degrees so Thicket and I took a walk around the Back40.
To my surprise she found a grouse and pointed for a few seconds, until it got the best of her and she pushed in for the flush. In my hurry to reach her before she broke I didn't get a pic of her point.

She hunted nicely for me. Tackling the brush and ranging out 100 yards yet keeping track of me without having to be called.

Something caught her attention here, but nothing was flushed.
Had hoped to be looking for woodcock by the last of February but the extended forecast looks like its going to stay cold for several weeks yet. Oh well, all good things comes to those who wait :) so guess I'll just have to wait for the weather and the woodcock.


Ed said...

Nice pictures Grayphase...

Chris H said...

Looks like the pup is coming along nicely.. I heard there are doodles down your way though. gonna be a while up north still TONS of snow here in the frozen tundra

Greyphase said...

Thanks for looking guys. I'm very happy with Thicket so far, just need to get her into some birds.
Chis, it's still cold here with temps in the single digits at night, but next week looks like a warm up is coming. Not too soon for me :).