Monday, January 12, 2015

Thicket pics

Thicket is growing by leaps and bounds so thought I'd post a few recent pics.

                              Sharing some sweet feed with our old Morgan mare Sunny.

Enjoying a sunny day in the home orchard.

Thicket's going to be large for a "modern" female Ryman perhaps weighting 60 lbs when she "fills out" but that doesn't bother me.  As I grow older and begin to slow down my pace through the coverts and also with my deteriorating hearing a slower closer working setter will suit me just fine.

On those bitter cold days we all keep warm in the manshed. Relaxing on various old recliners and the old couch and dreaming of the woodcock flights this spring.



1 comment:

Ed said...

Great pictures of a good looking setter....60lbs are not going to slow her down....they done slow my Quigs...she'd make him a good mate...!