Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hunting Chaps

I want to share my experiences with the new hunting chaps I bought this year from Stone Creek Hunting Supplies. Made by a local company based near Lake Raystown in Huntingdon county Pa. it's a family run business that manufactures chaps, vests, hunting jackets, bibs, leashes, and collars on site and carries a full line of dog supplies leaning toward coon hounds and beagles. Some of you may remember the Wick Outdoor Works brand of chaps from years ago that were noted for their toughness because of the extremely tightly woven light weight nylon fabric used. Stone Creek supplied Wick Outdoor Works with dog leashes and collars and when Wick decided to retire and close down their business Stone Creek bought some of their machinery to manufacture clothing made from the same fabric that made the Wick brand famous. Since they were located only about an hour away I decided to pick up my chaps myself instead of having them shipped. I located their small shop just off  Route 26 and had an enjoyable visit buying my chaps and talking "dog" with the owners son.

The initial reason I become interested in this brand of chaps was the near full length zipper. Most chaps have a zipper that reaches the knee and can be hard to get on and off over hunting boots that are often times muddy after a hunt. With the Stone Creek chaps near full length lifetime warranty zipper they are much easier to put on and off. The fabric although very lightweight is very tough. Most of my coverts consist of multi-flora rose, barberry, and greenbrier tangles. The fabric these chaps are made from repel these briers like nothing I've ever worn.
Now for the only "fault" that I have with these chaps and I hate to call it a fault. They have a waterproof lining which for me makes my legs sweat in temperatures above 40 degrees. Now I confess to sweating easily and usually dress much lighter than most people.
On a whim (for they seemed like very accommodating people) I called them up and explained my "problem" with their chaps. No problem they said they could make me a pair without the waterproof lining in a few days that should eliminate my problem.  So now I have a pair of warm weather chaps and a pair of cold weather chaps that I can also "loan" out if need be.
So if your looking for a pair of hunting chaps I suggest giving these a look. Super tough, light weight, with a lifetime near full length zipper these chaps are well worth the $45 dollars (with the waterproof lining-$40 without) and their made by a small family run business here in the USA.

Stone Creek Hunting Supplies give them a look. www.stonecreekhounds.com


Jeff Fetzer said...

That's some awesome customer service, right there. Never heard of these chaps, but may be interested in giving them a try. I have always worn Filson single tin chaps, and am on my fourth pair in about 20 years of busting brush for birds. The most recent pair, less than a year old, had to be sent back after the season because one of the snaps of each chap pulled off.

Greyphase said...

Hi Jeff

Only time will tell of their durability but for the price I think their worth a try.