Thursday, November 6, 2014


With the hunting season in full swing I've neglected to post pics of Thicket as she growing into a lovely lady.  No more "puppy" collar for her, she's now wearing a "big dog" collar :).  She quickly got use to the big swiss "sheep" bell that I'm using to keep track of her in the woods. We went for a little hunt on Tues. Actually just a walk in a small woodcock covert with me carrying the gun with no expectations. We didn't find any woodcock but did have a grouse flush wild at one spot. We also spotting some deer which she started to investigate but a stern NO and she returned to me. Here's some pics of my little girl getting all grown up.

Just  making sure Dad's coming along behind.
She's starting to get into the brush and soak in all the smells.

Just looking pretty.

After a couple of hours busting brush a girl can get tired.
We'll continue with our walks in the woods and just let her natural instincts awaken.


David said...

I must say Thicket is absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to seeing the two of you progress. There is something magical about a young pup finding its way in the grouse woods.
Be well,

Greyphase said...

Thanks for the kind words David.