Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Memorable Morning Along Piney Creek

With the Polar Vortex making headlines with it's blast of arctic air sweeping across the nation I knew the woodcock would soon be but a distant memory, so Emma and I headed for Piney Creek to see if any woodcock were still there.

The 'cock were there and Emma was at the top of her game but my shooting left something to be desired, and I missed the first bird she pointed then missed a chance for a double on a rare for me double flush on her next point.

I finally settled down and The Twigg and I got in step and brought down the next two birds that Emma found.
My last chance for a 3rd bird and a limit was foiled by a bird who made a very impressive "corkscrew" move around a vine covered tree and was gone before I could drop a hammer.  It had been a memorable morning along Piney Creek and I felt a pang of regret knowing that it would soon all end and the birds would be gone to their southern resting grounds.


Ed said...

that is a pretty picture of Emma on point Grayphase thanks for sharing

David said...

Umm..yep, ditto to what Ed said. One heck of an Emma pic snapped there. Stylish to say the least and one for the vault Grey! Kudos.

Greyphase said...

Thanks guys. Emma took the long route to becoming a birddog and tried my patience many times but she's become a nice woodcock dog.

Ed said...

She sure looks stylish on that one
give her a good ear rub from me...!
Quig goes for surgery Thursday morning, not looking forward to the day but will be happy if everything comes out OK and I don't have to watch him toe touch and the stumbling anymore...after the recovery of course...he's to proud and good looking to be like that...!

Ed said...

I was looking at these pictures again... man what a impressive piece of cover