Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Twigg is my latest shotgun purchase. A Belgium built hammergun from the 1880's she's my lightest shotgun weighting just under 6 lbs. even with her 31 inch barrels and she feels like no more than a twig in my hands thus the name. She came home near the end of last years late grouse season and although she made a couple of trips into the woods she didn't see any action. I finally got around to patterning her today and was pleased with the results. Hopefully I'll be able to leave "Colette" my favorite hammergun home once in a while and give Twigg some time in the woods to prove herself.


Ed said...

Nice gun Grayphase....you guys and these hammer guns ...now I have a powerful hankering for a L C 20ga Hammer gun... thanks!

Greyphase said...

Careful Ed, that hammergun slope steep and slippery. Believe me I know :).