Monday, October 27, 2014

Morning along Shawnee Creek

I spent the morning hunting part of my big Shawnee Creek covert. Patches of hawthorn, alders, and assorted briers intermingled with large spruce and white pine it's a beautiful covert but never holds as many birds as I think it should.

With several days rest and in a familiar covert Emma was running big and by the time I reached her first several points they were empty.  We reached the far end of the covert and crossed the creek and started back through the cover on the other side. She soon went on point again and as I walked in I spotted the sitting woodcock.
It sat patiently while I took it's picture then almost let me step on it before it corkscrewed away with me missing it with both barrels. I laughed as I pulled the empty shells from the smoking chambers and was glad I had missed the obliging little fellow.
After several more empty points I had reached the shallow riffles that I use to cross back across the creek. As I climbed the steep bank Emma's beeper sounded just ahead. I found her in semi-open cover and as I walked in a woodcock lifted in front of me and I dropped it with my right barrel. Emma making the retrieve.
 As I prepared to take pics of the bird Emma's beeper sounded again off to my left and I hurriedly stuffed bird and camera into my game vest and dug two shells from my pockets. I found her in heavy briers and had to circle around to find a route into her. I finally reached her but couldn't put up a bird. As she relocated I tried again to flush the bird when suddenly it lifted behind Emma and was gone without a shot. By now the day was warming up and we were both tired so I called her to heel, to some pics of the bird we had taken and headed for the truck.
Shawnee Creek had given us another memorable morning.

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