Sunday, April 13, 2014

Random Pics from a Spring Day on the Farm

Just wanted to share some pics from yesterday.  The garden pond needed cleaned of leaves so I donned my hip boots and waded in. As I was removing debris with a plastic rake I noticed a honeybee floating on the surface. I scooping it up and noticed that it moved one of its legs. I handed it off to my wife and as she held it, it righted itself.
After a few minutes it flew away to live another day.
I also can across this Toad couple having an intimate moment.

With the temps in the low 70's Janet decided to look into the bee hive to see how things were.

She was happy to see that the hive had come through the rough winter in fine shape and she'll some move part of this hive into a new box.  We have a large Pussy Willow tree grown from a cutting from my Grandmother's tree growing below the house and the bees are making use of it's  flowers that are now blooming.
After our vernal pond walk last week we have been keeping tabs on life in our own vernal pond. Yesterday this is what we found.
We suspect these to be eggs of the Spotted Salamander.
And these to be the eggs of a Jefferson Salamander.
Buds on the Dolgo Crab are starting to open telling me that I must get started limb grafting onto the wild apple and pear trees that are scattered about on the Back40.
Spring. A time indeed for rebirth.

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