Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Last Run

I took Emma out for one last spring woodcock hunt. The females are probably starting to nest in my area, but Emma has become very steady on her points and I don't think she would try to catch one on the nest. Never the less they do need to be left alone to raise their broods.  We headed down to Lake Raystown to try our luck. I don't hunt this area in the fall much because they stock a lot of pheasants in this area and it's usually overrun with hunters. In the spring I have it all to myself.  It took a little while but Emma finally found one in some saplings. It held tight and gave me a chance to get some good pics.

 She found this one as I walked along the edge of a field. It was sitting out in the open between us. The wind was blowing hard and Emma wasn't quite sure just were it was, but she knew there was one close.
Neither bird was on a nest, but I didn't want to push my luck and decided to end the Spring Woodcock season with 2 good points and a lot of good memories.  So now I'll spend my days dreaming of the wondrous hunts Fall will bring. 

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Ed said...

You got some great shots there Grayphase!