Monday, June 17, 2013

Random Pics from the Back40

The grapes are looking great in the Back40.

Several post back I showed several persimmons that had been hit by the frost. I'm glad to say that they have bounced back with a new set of leaves and are looking very healthy.

The wild plum trees are loaded down with fruit.  If the bear don't get them I'll enjoy some good eating.
I saw this beautiful box turtle the other morning as I was brushhoging in the Back40.  It had some incredible patterns on its shell.
The vernal pond continues to hold water making it a magnet for birds and other wildlife.
A nest of bluebirds in the Orchard nestbox.
A nest of House Wrens in one of my Back40 nestboxes.
When I'm not brushhoging with "Chalmer", "Martha" is my mode of transportation to the Back40. Hope you all enjoy my random pics from the Back40.

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