Friday, June 28, 2013

More Random Pics

The hazelberts (Hazelnut-Filbert cross) are putting on some nuts.

Some bear damage on a Tolman Sweet apple tree. Luckily no broken limbs just some claw marks.

Seckel pears. If the bears miss finding them I'll have some good eating this fall.

A Hudson's Golden Gem grafted to an Antonovka rootstock is making some impressive growth.

My wild plum trees are really loaded this year. Even though their just wild seedlings that were dug up at my wife's sister's farm they produce  a very nice sweet plum for fresh eating. Am hoping that the bears miss these trees too.

A close-up of a Crimson clover bud. We planted a strip in the Home Orchard for the bees to use.

This is a Black Oxford grafted to a limb of an Antonovka seedling tree that I had planted about 8 years ago.

On a whim I bought 25 Antonovka apple seeds off of E-bay. Here are some of the 22 that sprouted. I'll be using these for rootstock in a couple of years to produce trees that will live 100 years or more.

Had hoped to have some fishing pics on by now, but the rains have kept the creeks high and muddy so far this summer.

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