Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back Forty Cat

My nephew Jim and his boy Caleb have been trapping the Back 40 this fall hoping to catch a coyote but catching only raccoon. Just before the snows came their luck changed.


Anonymous said...

Here in eastern Ohio ,the DNR has bobcats listed as endangered species despite them being so common that everybody has them on their trail cameras and they are commonly road kills. You can however shoot 2 grouse per day for 4 months, trouble is, you cant flush 2 grouse per day even in the best of covers. I shot my first grouse in Ohio since 2009 ( a self-imposed ban) last week over my 12 yr old setter with my 16ga VH Parker--figured he diserved it.
PS. enjoy your blog

Greyphase said...

Thanks for looking Harold. Shooting what maybe the last bird over an "old "friend's" point is a special heartfelt moment. Kudo's to you and your old boy on a bird well taken.Nice choice of shotgun by the way.