Sunday, December 30, 2012

Second Season Wanderings

Now that the snow has curtailed my hunting I thought that I'd catch up with some pics from the second season. The grouse were scarce and nervous but Emma was able to give me one nice point in the Graham covert that I missed with both barrels. Here are some of the covers that we hunted.

As usual I'm always looking around as I wander these mountains seeking the beauty in nature. For some reason fungi always catches my eye.

The day the snows were to arrive I hunted my southern Chaneyville coverts. I hadn't hunted this area much the last several years and I hunted several new coverts that had just begun to reach grouse holding potential. I didn't move any grouse in the first two coverts.

The last covert turned out to be a huge clearcut that gave us two wild flushes.

As we pushed further from the truck I could see the snow coming from the south.
As I made my way back to the truck the snow began and I eased my way down off the ridge on the slippery skidder road, feeling a little melancholy that my season might be coming to an end, but knowing that Emma and I had made enough memories to last us till next season.


LostintheUplands said...


Hopefully not the end of your season, but if it is, that seems like a good way.

Thanks for taking us along.

Greyphase said...

Hi Lost

Thanks for looking. Hope you and the boy and Willow can get another hunt or two in before the end of the season. It' all about the memories.