Sunday, November 11, 2012

Last Weeks Adventures

I spent a couple of days up in Tioga Co. in northern Pa with my nephew Jim and his dog Zeke. Although we had maps pinpointing the locations of clearcuts we didn't find many birds, moving only 6 birds in 2 days with 2 points on birds that flushed before we could get within gunrange.
Here's Jim getting Zeke ready to roll.
Some of the cover that we hunted.

Emma and I headed for the Shawnee Creek covert the day after I returned home. My SportDog beeper had died on me last week and I just received a new Lovett beeper collar. I don't know if Emma was mad at me for not taking her on my hunting trip, if the new beeper collar shook her up, or if she just was having a bad day, but she ran way too wide and bumped most of the birds we found.
We returned the next day with her shock collar on, to keep her hunting closer, the beeper collar set on point mode only, and her bell for me to keep track of her. Most of the birds from yesterday had moved on but we found 2 woodcock still hanging around. She got both birds pointed and I got a shot at one of them. I was carrying Elin my 16 ga. Husqvarna Model 51 for the first time this year and she didn't disappoint me.

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