Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Start of a New Fishing Season

I started my 2012 fishing season in my favorite stream not far from where it tumbles down off the Allegheny Front. It a rocky stream with clear cold water and holds some large Smallmouth Bass.

Some sort of large Damselfly that I've never seen before caught my attention. 
 I didn't catch many on this first trip with this healthy 13incher being the nicest fish of the day.
My wife came along on my next trip, to a slower flowing stream with more of a mud bottom.

 The Fallfish seemed to be drawn to her lure today with a heavy 12 incher being her big fish.
 I was able to pull in this 12 inch Smallie as my best fish of the day.

It feels good to be out on the streams again and hope to put in alot of water time this summer.


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