Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pictures from around the Homestead

A Brown Thrasher has a nest somewhere between the house and the manshed, but it remains hidden to me.

 Several evenings ago while the dogs were out and about Dance, my mountain cur, brought us a turtle that she had found in her wanderings.

It was the smallest box turtle that I have ever seen although not a new borne by any means. These pics doesn't do justice to the brilliant colors of it's shell.
It soon became bored in it's shell and was ready to get on with it's life.
This morning we had visitors in the lane. We prefer to let the our land "grow naturally" and only trim back the lane when limbs begin to rub against the vehicles. We often see does but this encounter was a pleasant surprise.
 Someone's thirsty.

Finally after a suitable number of pics were taken Mom decides it's time to move on.


Gary Thompson said...

Love it! Looks like a good spot for kids to get in touch with their natural side.

Ed said...

Great pictures...keep them coming!