Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hook's Mountain Hunt

Took Copper for a hunt on Hook's Mountain. I haven't hunted this cover for 3 or 4 years. This pics may not look it but it's a steep climb up the skidder road to the top. As I started up the grade two grouse flushed wild off to my left and headed up the hollow. I took it as a good sign and made the walk up a little easier.

Half way up with the top in sight.

Copper was just happy to be out and about.

On top the cover is a mix of black birch and treetops. Not my thickest cover but it always seems to hold some birds.

Copper hunted her heart out but we couldn't find the two birds that had flown up the hollow at the start of the hunt.

Elin the back-action hammergun. Her small rounded action makes her a joy to carry in the coverts.

Hercules club or the Devils walking stick are but two of many names for this small thorny tree. It's common in many of my coverts and a very good reason to wear gloves. It's black berrys that ripen in the fall are favorites of the bear that roam these mountains.

As I wander I'm always looking for the little things that go unnoticed by many hunters.

So ended the hunt. Although we didn't to pull any hammers back today it was still nice to walk an old covert, like seeing an old friend again.

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Ed said...

Nice pictures Rick....I'm heading north above RT 80 Saturday....I let you know how we did!