Sunday, January 1, 2012

Catchin' Up

Went on a couple of hunts last week. On Thurs. Emma and I hunted some cover near Lake Raystown. With a skiff of snow on the ground Emma was ready to roll. Sadly this cover proved to be barren of grouse.We then headed north to hunt some new coverts. Thick in laurel and saplings. The cover looked nice but we again drew a blank.

A quick snow squall put a coating of snow on Elins tubes.

A distant porky was all we spotted this day.

After spending Fri. resting my back and knee, Copper and I headed southeast to my coverts close the Mason-Dixon line. A huge clearcut that the game commission had enclosed in deer-proof fence was now taken down and I planned to hunt the edge of this thick cover.

Copper continued to shine this season with two points but in cover like this all I could do was listen and hear the grouse flush as I fought my way through cover like this to get to her.

This cover consisted of some lung-bursting ridges. Here's Copper racing up to the cover on top.

In this predominately dry cover, a drink of water sure hit the spot.


ruff hunter said...

I like the laurel cover Rick. That's where I have found most of my birds this season. It's hard to get a shot at them in stuff like that.

LostintheUplands said...

Hopefully the weather will continue to cooperate so we can continue to enjoy your wanderings.

Thanks for taking us along.


Greyphase said...


That laurel can be heck to hunt, but you can to go where the birds are.


Have you had that pup out any this second season?

LostintheUplands said...

We’re planning on heading back out to see Vince at On-Point this weekend for another gun intro session. If all goes well, I plan on getting the pup into as many Grousy spots as I can until the season ends.

I want to hit the couple of spots you offered up to me. I really appreciate that.


Greyphase said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the pup can get a nosefull of grouse.