Friday, October 28, 2011

The Dolls Head Covert

I went birdless in my last two hunting trips so today I headed for the Dolls Head with my nephew Jim-Bob and his setter Zeke to try to change my luck. Emma stayed at home and Hattie my 10 year old setter got to come along. It's been a wet fall and water was laying in every depression.

Jim-Bob pulling some burdock heads off of Zeke.

Today was Zeke's day to shine. He gave us several nice points on woodcock but Colette and I were out of step today and missed the two chances we had. At one point Zeke started barking out ahead of us. He had developed the habit of barking at porcupines in Michigan several years ago and we hurried ahead thinking the worst, only to have a grouse flush out of a tree that Zeke was looking up into.

Hattie checking in.

Jim-Bob working his way through cover that only a woodcock hunter could love.

Several hours later we had moved 6 woodcock and 1 grouse but had only empty game bags and two tired dogs to show for our efforts, but it was still nice moving some birds even if our shooting left something to be desired.

It's been several years since I've happened upon the reason this covert is called the Doll's Head. Today I was lucky and spotted this passing it's days away in the fallen leaves.


ruff hunter said...

Glad you were able to move some birds and please try take some pics of the snow if you all get some today.

Mark Coleman said...

That doll's head kinda spooked me.

Greyphase said...


We got 4-5 inches of wet snow sticking to everything. 20 years ago I'd be out there sliding down the ridges getting soaked looking for grouse and lovin' it, now I'm hoping it melts before next weeks hunts I have planned. That's what getting old has done to me :).


It's just one of those quirky things you see in a covert that gives it it's name. If it could talk oh the tales it could tell, now that would be spooky :).