Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Yellow Barn

Caleb and I fished the Yellow Barn stretch of the river this morning. I started off fast with a nice chunky 13 incher.

Caleb had some action too.

Here he is working in another one.

I got lucky and pulled in the fish of the day a heavy 15 incher.

Here's one throwing Caleb's hook. If you look at about 10:00 you might see a brown worm flying through the air.

Here's one that "didn't get away".

Here's a long eared sunfish that slammed my 3 inch worm rigged on a 2/0 hook. How he got that big hook it his mouth I'll never know. Inch for inch their as scrappy a fish as any that swims and brilliantly colored.

With a skidder tire as a background some sort of bitten poses for me.

A butterfly that found this riverside flower appetizing.

This damselfly had romantic ideas about my rodtip.

We also spied a mink that didn't wait for me to take a pic, some deer in the distance, and several great blue herons that didn't cooperate either. All in all a nice morning on the river as summer winds down.

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