Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Deer Field

Fished the Deer Field alone on Saturday. A brisk 10 minute walk brings you to the river that meanders along the distant ridge. Before Pa. liberal deer season this field would hold herds of deer mornings and evenings. They still come but in fewer numbers now.

A couple pics of the river. Far enough away from the dirt road that I park on and walk into from, in 3 hours of fishing I heard one distant farm tractor.

The smallies were cooperative this day. One of several I landed in the 12-13 inch class.

A Rock Bass coming in. Also called a goggleye or redeye they gave me some action between smallies.

A 5 inch sunfish trying to eat a 4 inch plastic bait. They have to have some piranha genes in them.

Leaves on the water reminding me that fall is approaching quickly. Sad to see the fishing trips end yet eagerly looking forward to hunting treks through the grouse and woodcock coverts.

A butterfly that caught my attention.

On the walk back through the Deer Field the grasshoppers filled the air. This one decided to hitch a ride on my hat.

So ended another enjoyable day filled with quiet surroundings and hungry fish.

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