Monday, March 29, 2010

This Springs Wanderings

Work and caring for my elderly parents have left me little time to wander through my coverts this spring. Here are some pictures of the few times I've slipped away for some "woods time".

A new to me logging road lined with aspen looked very inviting.

At the top of the ridge I looked down into this nice looking cover. Emma and I moved 4 grouse in this new covert.

The following pictures are of some of my coverts.

These next three pictures are of Emma hunting. She is a joy to watch float through the woods. She hunts a nice pattern staying within bell range most of the time.

At one covert Emma brought me this woodcock barely alive. I don't know how she came upon it. When she first appeared with it I thought she had caught a hen on her nest, but it turned out to be a small male bird. Perhaps sick or injured I could only praise her for the retrieve she made.

Emma on a nonproductive point in open woods. I didn't see or hear anything but she definitely thought a bird as close by.

I had a bird flush ahead of me on this old road. As I called Emma in she struck scent and went on a nice by empty point.

Finally the real thing. A nice point on a woodcock.

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BlacknTan said...

Emma is a beautiful dog, Rick... And looking like the Pro she is!