Monday, April 13, 2009

Wandering the Tuscarora

I headed north and east toward the Tuscarora Mountain on Easter afternoon with Emma to explore for new grouse coverts. At my first stop along the spine of the mountain I found this fresh cut. Looking like ground zero of a nuclear bomb blast I know that in years to come it will become a magnet for all forms of wildlife.

My next stop turned out to be a classic Allegheny Mountain clearcut, steep and rocky growing back in birch, oak, maple and in this one tulip poplar. I'll be back in the fall to challenge it for a shot at a grouse.

I love the anticipation of what I'll find around the bend on a strange logging road.

This one turned out to be an older cut but looks to have potential. Grown back in birch, maple, pine and mountain laurel it's rocky ground with lots of spring seeps. This logging road runs for about 1/2 mile till it ends near the far end of the cut.

The day ended with several grouse moved and several new coverts found. Hopefully I'll have the time to come back to these coverts and make some memories in them this fall.


Dual Setters said...

Great looking cover Rick. Making me home sick for Fall.

DaveK said...

Great finds, Rick. Scouting grouse cover with your pup makes spring almost as much fun as fall.