Sunday, April 5, 2009

Food in the Alleghenys

Grouse in the Alleghenys have a wealth of food to choose from. Over the years I've enjoyed opening the crops of shot grouse to see just what they were feeding on. Grapes, black birch buds, and greens (small green leafed plants usually growing along streams and spring seeps) have been the favorite food. At one time or another I've found the following fruits in grouse crops I've shot.


American Dogwood

Multiflora Rose








Black Haw


Dual Setters said...

Nice photo essay Rick. Good examples of each food. Are the Crab Apples thorned?

Greyphase said...

Technically crabapples are spiny not thorny. A hawthorn has simple slender thorns. A crabapple's branches are studded with lateral spurs. Branching from the sides of those spurs are short leafy twigs that flowers and later fruit appear. Frequently the tip of the spur becomes sharply pointed but it is not a thorn.
God I love Google :).

Dual Setters said...

Still trying to figure out if what I grew up calling Crab Apples are or are just some type of Hawthorne. Haven't had as much luck with google.

BlacknTan said...

Very nice essay, Rick..

I'm a bit fuzzy on all the apples also... The birds seem to like 'em all though..