Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thoughts from the Alleghenys

The following are the thoughts and pictures of my wanderings through the Allegheny Mountains of southcentral Pennsylvania following my Ryman-type setters in pursuit of grouse and woodcock. As I age as a hunter the need to fill my game bag diminishes, with just the ability to hunt being all that I need to have a fulfilling day. It's still important to find game "for the setters" but a day spent on a steep mountain side without a flush is never a wasted day. The beauty of a spring seep oozing out of a rocky slope bright green on a dull winter day, a moss covered boulder lying at just a certain angle, or a long abandoned bird nest hanging in a bare bush can spark my interest and make me glad to be able to have the ability to see the beauty and uniqueness of it. In the days to follow I hope to share with you with words and pictures my experiences following my setters through this wonderland called the Allegheny Mountains.


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My sentiments exactly sir, as I spend time in my New Hampshire grouse and woodcock haunts.