Friday, January 23, 2009

After hunting with Hattie for a couple of seasons I decided I needed another setter in case Hattie was ever injured or just needed a rest after several days of hard hunting. My search led me south into West Virginia to the town of Terra Alta and Preston Miller owner of Crooked Stump kennels. Preston's dogs carried the blood of Walt Lesser & George Hanson's Alder Run kennels. He had one orange female pup available in the fall of 2003 and Copper became my "backup" setter. She developed in a bigger running dog that Hattie and although she was soon pointing woodcock, grouse proved to be a little harder for her to handle, although in her defense the grouse numbers were significantly lower during her early years . Now at the age of 5 she has given me some memorable hunts and I feel confident that if there are grouse in the woods she'll find them.

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