Thursday, February 23, 2017

Their Moving North

Late getting this posted but Thicket and I walked the Piney Creek Covert last Sunday and moved two woodcock. One I saw flush ahead of her and the other one she pointed and then left the point. Still hoping she will decide that woodcock are the reason we're in the coverts and starts holding her points. Here are some pics of my favorite covert.


Scott in PA said...

Greyphase - Had the Springers out yesterday in Fulton County, and put up 12 woodcock and saw a few others on the wing in one hour. Training season is underway. All the best.

Greyphase said...

Hi Scott

Wow, that's a good number of woodcock. Guess I need to wander on down into Fulton County and look for some coverts. :) Give those springers an ear rub from me.