Thursday, October 20, 2016

Piney Creek

Hunted the Piney Creek bottom with Thicket this morning.  The weather is still too warm but I needed to get Thicket into some birds and the bottom didn't let me down.

Having had little bird work this summer, Thicket pointed the first woodcock and then left the bird before I reached her.  I flushed the 'cock and let it fly away.  She had started this bad habit last fall and it seemed to still be with her.  The next bird flushed just as she ran past me checking in and I also left it fly.  Later I jumped a 'cock myself and threw a shot at it with no harm to the bird. We crossed Piney Creek and started back toward the truck when suddenly Thicket pointed again just in front of me. I quickly moved in, flushed the bird, and dropped it with my left barrel. Thicket found the bird and mouthed it and then dropped it.

Piney Creek was running low. The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow, I hope their right.

There was enough moisture in the bottom to encourage a number of different mushrooms or toadstools to flourish.

I flushed one more woodcock and heard a grouse flush in the distance before we reached the truck. Hopefully I'll be able to shot some more woodcock over Thicket's "quick" points and make her realize that they are the reason we're out there beating the brush.

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