Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Morning on the River

Fished the Raystown Branch this morning and the first thing I saw as I entered the water were 3 otters on  the opposite bank. This was the best pic that my little point and shoot camera could get.
I walked down stream for about 10 minutes before I began to fish to get away from the pressured area near the parking lot, but still the fishing started out slow.

I finally started to catch some fish both Smallmouth and Rock bass.

Rock bass are also known as Redeye's or Google eyes for a good reason.
This was the "catch of the day".  I snapped a couple of quick pics and slipped her back into the water. As I watched her swim away I realized that I had forgotten to measure her. I'm guessing she approached 15 inches , a fairly nice fish for this water.
As the morning progressed I saw a very large mink and an immature Bald Eagle neither of which gave me a chance for  pics.  I did get some pics of this curious little bird which was feeding on an exposed gravel bar in the river.  After looking through my Peterson Birds of Eastern North America I found the Spotted Sandpiper to be the only bird to come close to matching this bird.

As the sun appeared over the eastern ridge the temperature started to climb and I turned upstream and made my way back to the truck, satisfied with the morning's fishing and nature sightings.

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