Thursday, July 14, 2016

Some Fishing Pics

I've been getting out once a week for the past several weeks fishing some old familiar stretches of creeks and exploring some new waters.

My first trip was along a stretch of Licking Creek that I've fished for years. The old farm that it runs through was for sale last year and on this trip I noticed footprints and trampled weeds along the stream, the first time I've ever seen signs of anyone fishing this water. I was at first disappointed, but then I realized how lucky I had been all those past years to have this piece of stream to myself.

My second trip out as along another stretch of Licking Creek.  In my hurry to leave early in the morning I forgot my camera so I have no pics of this trip.  Only a few small bass were caught but the highlight of the trip was a Bald Eagle flying below the treetops down the creek and a large beaver who entertained me for awhile.

My trip this week was to some new water. A stretch of Little Tonoloway Creek that was before inaccessible due to the near vertical drop of the ridge that was the only reasonable access point to it. Last winter a logging road was carved down this ridge to access the timber in the bottom along the creek so I got to explore this section of creek. A view of the stream from atop the ridge.

I only caught a few small bass and I saw signs of other fishermen who probably accessed the stream from the old farm that bordered the steam opposite the ridge. I did get to enjoy the sight of two large mink hunting along the steam who proved too wily for a pic.

The stream levels have really begun to drop due to the dry weather we've been having. I'll try some of my "bigger" water next week and maybe improve my catch.

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