Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Few Pics of What's Happening on the Farm

My flock of Cochin bantam chickens has grown to include these 5 little fellows.

This black and white "mottled" hen should improve the conformation of my flock.
As should this little black hen who is the friendliest  chicken I have.
The rains finally came just as I started to "pot up" my grafts. I'm about half finished and waiting for my mushroom mulch & top soil piles to dry out so I can finish up.  Here's what the nursery looks like so far.

The rains have added to the vernal pond and I can see a few tadpoles swimming about.
A Paw Paw blossom.
My young apple trees want to start producing but I'll pick off the fruitlets for another couple of years. Letting a tree produce fruit too soon will "stunt" the tree and affect it's productivity as it matures.  Better to it let the tree use it's energy to produce wood to build a frame before letting it bear fruit.

So far I only have one nest of Tree Swallows.
Must end now as chores are calling me. I may be retired but this is proving to be the busiest time of my life and I'm lovin' it. :)

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