Monday, March 7, 2016

Troubles with Thicket

Last fall Thicket began to leave or ignore woodcock. I'm afraid to say that she's starting the spring season the same way. I had her out the other day and she pointed and left one point and then simply ran past and through the other woodcock we moved. Today I took her with Emma to see if I could get her excited about woodcock.  Emma had several points that I was able to walk Thicket in and flush the bird. After several of these experiences Thicket did point a woodcock right in front of me. Not giving her time to back away from the point I hurried in flushed the bird for her, giving her some excited GOOD GIRL praises. Hopefully I'll be able to find places to run them together this spring and get Thicket excited again about woodcock.

It's full of barberry and multiflora rose but I never get tired of walking the Piney Creek Covert.

One of Emma's points.
Thicket enjoying her time in the woods.



Phil said...

Rick, I have a home woodcock covert similar to Piney Creek. Multiflora he'll and Barberry patches so thick have pulled Hemlock off point when cock wouldn't flush. Wonderful spot when you hit a flight with still the occasional grouse. Good luck with solving Thickets problem. Phil

Greyphase said...

Hi Phil

I know that multiflora rose and barberry are invasive and a big "no-no" with the Game Commission but that stuff does hold the birds. :)