Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Late Season Begins

Thicket and I headed north to try a covert that Emma and I had hunted in the early season. That day we had moved only one grouse but the cover looked good and deserved another try.

I flushed two grouse in this covert and watched Thicket slowly track another grouse, but she got too close and the bird flushed. I was still pleased as it was a good lesson for her and hopefully she will realize that she can not pressure a grouse like she can a woodcock.
It was hot and sunny today and the covert held little water.  Thicket did find a little spring and made the most of it.
I came across a producing Chestnut tree with a number of husks laying about.

Sadly the dreaded orange fungus of the Chestnut Blight was growing on it's trunk, a sure sign of it's impending death.
Thicket was running big yesterday with 200-300 yard casts partly from the 2 week layoff because of deer season and partly because at 1 1/2 years old she's in her "teenage" years. I feel certain that as she matures she'll "rein in" her casts  but for now the Tek tracking collar is a tremendous asset in keeping track of her.

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