Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Barn Swallow Mystery

For as long as I can remember in my 61 years there has been dozens of pairs of Barn Swallows call this old barn home every summer. This morning only two pair came to feed off the insects that took to the air as I mowed the pasture. What tragedy could have occurred either on their migratory journey or in their winter nesting site? I can only hope that they will over time rebuild their population and continue to use this old barn for their summer nesting site as they have done for all these years.


Anonymous said...

Rick, I envy you your bird house successes. We've only got one robin, one wren and one chickadee nests in ours, but the darn wrens holed the chickadee eggs. Re barn swallows, this is the first year we haven't had some at least check out our nests, but most naturally stay around the lake a mile + down the road. -Rick aka Esetters.

Greyphase said...

Hi Rick

Glad you stopped by. Yes I've had a good year with my bird boxes. Those wrens can be destructive, thankfully I haven't had any this year.