Friday, December 19, 2014

Hook Mountain Hunt

Emma and I hunted the wickedly steep Hook Mountain covert on Wed. Actually part of the cover is a flat  mountain top but I usually find the birds holding onto the steep hollows that lead up to the top.

It was well over an hour before we moved a grouse that flushed from this open patch of birch. What it was doing there I don't know except maybe moving between feeding grounds.  Emma wasn't near it and I doubt it would have held for a point in that open cover.
We followed the bird as it had flown in the direction of the truck. As I was climbing a steep hollow I heard a noise and saw a grouse flushing from a patch of mountain laurel, probably the same bird that we flushed earlier.
 Emma had hunted as hard as you would want a dog to hunt but all she had to show for it was a scratched nose.
We rested on Thurs. as I had taken a fall in one of the steep hollows and twisted my knee but we're heading out this morning to try a new covert I found this summer on Snake Spring Mountain. 

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