Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 2 at My New Home

Practicing my cute pose. Not that I have to practice, mind you.
I've been trying to make friends with some pretty strange creatures.

With some of them not being very friendly.

The old guy can give a pretty good ear rub.
This is my innocent look it may come in handy some day.

I'd rather be chewing on a shoe, but I guess this will have to do.
Thanks for stopping in for a visit. I like it here and already have the old guy and his wife wrapped around my little paw.


Jeff Fetzer said...

She's a looker. What line is she out of?

Greyphase said...

Hi Jeff

She's from Firelight kennels.

She has a lot of Pinecoble plus some Dark Hollow, Elkwood, and October. Her sire is Gus owned by Dreux Pellis of Greensburg.

Jeff Fetzer said...

She looks a lot like my Ellie, who is out of Dark Hollow. I may be interested in breeding her next year -- if she ever comes into heat. She's two and has yet to come in season. Am trying to get a line on some possible stud dogs in advance. Would you mind passing along Dreux' contact info? You can email it to me if you still have my address. If not, let me know. Thanks. Hope you are enjoying your pup.

Ed said...

Good looking girl there Rick....I screwed up this season already.
Injured my right shoulder at work on June 2...they horsed me a round with therapy 8 weeks then decided rotator cuff tear, just had the surgery on the 22 , definitely ruined my Wisconsin trip...and PA's early season .

Greyphase said...

Sorry to hear this Ed. Hope you have a speedy recovery. At least you can give Quigly some woods time even if you can't shoulder a gun.
The older I get the more precious each hunting season is.