Saturday, November 2, 2013

Today's Hunt in Some of My Northern Coverts

Emma and I headed north today to hunt in some of my northern coverts. I hunted the Clover Run cover first. It's a very large clearcut growing back in mostly Black Birch with some Beech and Maple trees. Good looking cover but we didn't move a bird.

I did see a flock of Dark Eyed Junco's or snowbirds. Although they are year round residents here in the Alleghenys it still made it feel like winter was coming soon.
I moved on to the Brady covert. This cover contains Aspen, Larch, Pine and Alder in a nice mix.
Within sight if the truck Emma bumps two grouse from a blown down Larch.
She later has a nice woodcock point but the bird offered no shot. Here's some more of the nice cover in the Brady.

The last covet of the day was the Muth Cover. Aspen cover with golden rod and old apple trees mixed in. Emma had another nice woodcock point.  The bird sit so tight that I thought she had an empty point, and let my guard down.........that is of course when the bird decided to flush and I missed with both barrels. Some pics of the Muth aspen and apple trees.

Sitting on the tailgate at the end of the day Emma and I thought of her bumped grouse and my missed shots and we decided that we both had an off day, but even an off day in the field is filled with pleasant memories.

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