Sunday, October 20, 2013

First Day Wanderings

Emma and I hunted a gameland to the north of home that was having a timber cut to release about 30 acres of hawthorn. In years to come this just may become a woodcock magnet.
Lots of haws on the ground with a few crabapples mixed in. These should lure some grouse in as the cover grows thicker.

It also has a scattering of old apple trees some of which were producing apples. After the taller oak and cherry trees are cut and they can receive more light these old apple trees should produce even more.

This area also has a nice scattering of grassy spring seeps that should draw the woodcock in.
We pushed on to some fields that contained  strips of hawthorn, locust and aspen cover, that on occasion held a woodcock or two.

Soon Emma was on point, but the woodcock chose the perfect escape route and gave me no chance for a shot. As we moved on to another strip of cover Emma went on point again. This bird let me almost step on it and took off low to the ground. I threw a right barrel load at it but was certain that I had shot high as the bird flew away. Even with the miss I was still happy with Emma's two solid points. As we worked our way in the direction of the last birds flight I suddenly realized that Emma was heading back to me with the woodcock in her mouth. Needless to say Emma was told what a good girl she was and received numerous ear rubs for a job well done.
As we hunted our way through the last bit of cover Emma's beeper went off again and I found her pointing in fairly open cover. The woodcock offered as easy shot and I dropped it with the right barrel.

So ended a perfect first day, with 3 solid points by Emma, two shots fired and two woodcock in the gamebag. The little 16 ga. Belgium hammergun continues to be an extension of my body being both a joy to carry and a joy to shoot.



Anonymous said...

Great to see you and Emma well and getting out. Have a lovely season.....

Evan B

Greyphase said...

Thanks for looking Evan. Here's hoping that the birds hold tight for you.